Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So today our professor introduced us to a different subject today. A subject that does not coincide with English at all one bit. So are you ready for it? (Drum roll pleeeeeeeaassssee) Science! When I ever think about science, the first thing that enters my mind is a bunch of molecules and difficult formulas. I think about a bunch of asians (I don't mean to come off as ignorant) walking around carrying math and science books rushing to class. I think about..... Do I need to go on? The point is I don't think people realize (including myself) that science can be fun or interesting. The videos our class watched today are proof of that matter. Before my professor showed us this one particular video, he asked the class if we think women are stronger than men. Immediately, I didn't agree with that statement because my arms are no bigger than a pole. Obviously, I believe that I am not physically stronger than men, which is not uncommon for most women to believe the same thing. Anyways, lets get back to the video. This video displayed a world champ female boxer that has knocked out over thirty six of her opponets. The video aslo displayed a world champ male boxer who was the same weight and height as the female boxer. The two boxers agreed to punch a guy one time so the guy can see which boxer can hit the hardest. The guy was ordered to wear a blindfold to make everything even. The boxers each hit one time, and surprisingly the guy said he did not notice a difference. So basically the moral to the story is that there are women who can hit just as hard as a male. The moral is.... don't underestimate a woman because she just might be able to kick your ass! This experiment was quite intriguing in my opinion because we have all grown up to hear and believe that women are physically weak or not equally strong as many men who are walking around today. As a woman, that experiment gave me the motivation and courage to go and work out. This video influenced me in that matter because it confirmed to me that people should not judge a book by its cover. It also made me fully come to the conclusion that science is more than 235652554634646654546444!<<< Or in other words, unnecessary shit!